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UK MPs put forward rival Brexit plans

UK MPs put forward rival Brexit plans

"It is not stating that the party supports a second referendum in any way and indeed if it was passed, the amendment, and it went to a vote on the specific issues, then that would be a decision for the party to take at the time".

Following reports that the UK Government would seek to reopen the 1998 Belfast Agreement that cemented the Northern Irish peace process, Mrs May told MPs: "I have never even considered doing so - and neither would I".

Mrs May addressed MPs to outline her latest approach to Brexit after MPs roundly rejected the agreement she negotiated with the European Union by a margin of 230 votes. May said that the people already voted for Brexit and that the job of her government and Parliament is to deliver it.

"Our amendment will allow MPs to vote on options to end this Brexit deadlock and prevent the chaos of a No Deal", Corbyn said in an emailed statement.

Unusually, MPs are able to amend the so-called "neutral motion" tabled by the Prime Minister, with votes due to take place on January 29.

She made it clear that the level of support "expected from Labour MPs was not deemed strong enough to pass" Brexit legislation before Britain leaves, Sky News reported.

Noting that worldwide trade secretary Liam Fox had complained that MPs were trying to steal Brexit, he said: "They have had it served up to them on a plate through a wide-open window".

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar's government has taken a line that there would have to be "difficult conversations" over border arrangements if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal.

The formula of "keeping all options on the table" sticks to the compromise agreed by the Labour Party previous year that has enabled Corbyn, a lifelong Euroskeptic, to hold off demands from rank-and-file members and lawmakers to support a second referendum.

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During leaders' questions, he said: "We are not planning for checks on the land border in Northern Ireland".

However, there is little consensus in the Commons for any one solution to Brexit, and so MPs are now putting forward a range of other options ahead of the 29 January vote.

If no agreement can be ratified before March 29, the United Kingdom will lurch out of the European Union with no deal, risking dire economic consequences, including a recession, and potentially a 25% fall in the value of the pound, according to British authorities. "After the result of the vote in the House of Commons, we said come closer to a possibility of a no-deal Brexit".

As pressure grew, Tory MP Nadine Dorries last night said her Brexiteer colleagues were realising that they must support Mrs May's plan to avoid "Europhile Kamikaze MPs" taking charge.

The so-called Irish backstop, the contentious insurance policy to avoid a hard border, has been at the centre of opposition to the Prime Minister's deal with her European Union counterparts. "We will not be dragged out of Europe by a Tory government we did not vote for", Mr Blackford said.

Mr Czaputowicz said that London and Dublin were "playing chicken" over the border and risked a "head-on collision" in which Ireland stood to "lose the most". Downing Street said it was "extremely concerned" by the backbenchers' moves.

Shannon said he believed numerous 118 of May's own Conservative lawmakers who voted against her deal would also be willing to back it if the backstop had a time limit.

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