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Las Vegas police seeking Ronaldo's DNA sample

Las Vegas police seeking Ronaldo's DNA sample

Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyer has said United States investigators are seeking DNA from the footballer in their investigation of a woman's allegation that the worldwide star raped her in his Las Vegas hotel penthouse in 2009.

Ronaldo, for his part, has "firmly" denied the allegations, claiming his encounter with Mayorga was consensual.

According to the civil lawsuit, which was filed in a Nevada court in September, Mayorga alleged that Ronaldo raped her in his hotel room in Las Vegas, and that she was coerced into signing a nondisclosure agreement in 2010 in an out-of-court settlement in exchange for $375,000. Recalling the interaction, Mayorga told Der Spiegel that Ronaldo had made a remark suggesting he was a good person minus that "1 percent".

The police case was closed in 2009 when the alleged victim, Kathryn Mayorga, declined to name her alleged assailant.

The model's lawyer Jonathan Coad of Keystone Law said: 'I am advising her on a possible harassment claim against Mr Ronaldo'.

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The Las Vegas Police Department reopened its investigation in early October, with Thursday's developments the first significant ones that have appeared to move the case forward.

Ronaldo then allegedly raped Mayorga, despite her screaming "no", before saying: "Sorry, I'm usually a gentleman".

Once the warrant has made its way through the Italian court system, officials will then serve it and, if Ronaldo complies, collect the samples and send them back to USA officials. She claims that they have had a relationship for a full decade, and she suffered emotional trauma and even threats against her life.

Authorities in Las Vegas would then determine whether it matches genetic material found on Mayorga's dress. The dress that's being tested for DNA was collected as evidence at that time.

Later that night, Mayorga went to the police to the report the assault and had a rape kit done.

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