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Chargers' Brandon Mebane to play after newborn daughter's death

Chargers' Brandon Mebane to play after newborn daughter's death

Makenna's condition, Trisomy 13, affected her heart and there are only a few surgeons in the country who will operate on such a young patient.

"She just kept bleeding from her stomach, and when they tried to feed her, it wasn't good for her liver", he said. According to ESPN, Mebane said his wife and kids are now in Los Angeles and that he plans to play in the team's AFC divisional matchup against the New England Patriots. "She wasn't doing much better, and they had to make a decision".

"We're doing pretty good", he said of his family. "Just trying to take one day at a time". "I still pray. We're taking it one day at a time". Thank God every day.

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The Chargers and Mebane didn't need any more motivation going into their matchup with the Patriots, but playing with this emotional pain will undoubtedly push Mebane and the Chargers to win in her memory.

The 33-year-old Mebane is in his third season with the Chargers. He missed Sunday's Wild Card victory over the Ravens.

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