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Melania Trump Opens Up in Hannity Interview

Melania Trump Opens Up in Hannity Interview

First lady Melania Trump offered a blistering critique of comedians and others when she was asked what was the most hard thing about being the wife of the president.

It was her second day in a row at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. 'They see what I am doing and that I'm here for them and to support them, ' she said.

Laura Ingraham called out the resulting coverage of Mrs. Trump's comments, with CNN characterizing it as a "meltdown" by the first lady.

"It doesn't hurt", said Trump, who met several military families on Wednesday.

Trump shared during the interview that despite those critics who come after her, she tries to rise above it all, as IJR Red reported. Asked whether the president takes her advice on toning down his style, the first lady laughed. "I know I will get the criticism - from the public or from the media - but I will do what is right and what I feel is right for the country and for the people". He doesn't always listen, but she said he understands the consequences.

Sendic y De León suspendidos; Almagro expulsado — Frente Amplio
Sendic es cuestionado por el uso de las tarjetas corporativas de Ancap que hizo mientras era presidente de la empresa petrolera estatal.

"Dear [FLOTUS], I volunteer as tribute to fix this mess only so myself and the rest of the American public aren't terrorized by this bad blonde", one other individual commented.

Melania also apparently showed signs of anxiety as she prepared for each new question, hinting that she may be conscious of saying the "right" thing.

"I'm sure privately, you're allowed to grouse, but you know, if Michelle Obama had done half of the complaining that she has done in her limited interviews... she'd be skewered", Walsh said.

In hangar 789 at JBLE, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan introduced the first lady, who addressed U.S. Air Force servicemen and local school children, according to a release from JBLE.

"Melania Trump is an opportunist!" "I also learned that the airmen and soldiers in this room, helped set up after national disasters like Hurricane Michael and that many of you have recently returned home from deployment".

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