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Huawei CFO committed fraud in breach of U.S. sanctions, prosecutors say

Huawei CFO committed fraud in breach of U.S. sanctions, prosecutors say

Vancouver: Chinese telecom giant Huawei´s chief financial officer faces U.S. fraud charges related to sanctions-breaking business dealings with Iran, a Canadian court heard Friday, a week after she was detained on an American extradition request.

As details of American allegations against a Chinese executive were revealed Friday in a Vancouver court, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada's ambassador in Beijing had briefed the Chinese foreign ministry on her arrest.

The U.S. provisional warrant, granted on August 22 in the Eastern District of NY, alleges Ms. Meng made a number of misrepresentations, including that "Huawei operates in Iran in strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations and sanctions of United Nations, U.S. and European Union", although Skycom was using the U.S. financial system to conduct prohibited Iran-related transactions.

United States prosecutors have charged Huawei's chief financial officer with fraud, saying she had used at least seven passports in 11 years.

As the daughter of Huawei's founder, Ren Zhengfei, she is seen as his heir apparent.

Ms Meng's lawyer David Martin said the evidence presented does not prove she broke either United States or Canadian law. While a judge has lifted a publication ban that prevented the media from reporting on the evidence presented in court, Canada's Justice Department has been secretive about all aspects of this case.

The case has emerged in the midst of USA moves against Chinese companies accused of stealing technology and Beijing's suspicion that Washington is trying to use politics to weaken China's continued growth.

"As the company's vice president and chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou would have been the one who signed off on all documents", Ming said.

The Canadian prosecutor said this was untrue.

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Influential tabloid the Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily, said that the United States was "resorting to a despicable rogue's approach as it can not stop Huawei's 5G advance in the market".

Martin said two properties in Vancouver worth a total of $14 million could be put up for bail, and electronic monitoring and surveillance-based security could be used, although he said neither would be necessary.

We'll soon know if the Canadian courts are amenable to that argument.

"Huawei is SkyCom. This is the alleged fraud", Canadian prosecutor John Gibb-Carsley said.

Meng appeared before a packed court room and spoke to her lawyers through a translator. While unproven, the allegation was enough to take action against the company, including a ban on Huawei products in USA military bases in May. He said Meng would agree to wear an ankle monitor.

Mr. Trudeau and USA national-security adviser John Bolton have said they both knew of the arrest plans in advance. She was widely considered to be his likely successor. "Huawei is one company that we've been concerned about".

Ms Meng, who also used the English names Cathy and Sabrina, served on the board of Skycom between February 2008 and April 2009, according to Skycom records.

"These are organizations, ultimately tightly tied to the Chinese security apparatus, and we think there are some real, serious issues there", said Harper.

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