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US warplanes crash off Japan coast, rescue under way

US warplanes crash off Japan coast, rescue under way

"Search and rescue operations continue for U.S. Marine aircraft that were involved in a mishap off the coast of Japan around 2:00 a.m. December 6", a press release from the Marine Corps said, according to Task and goal.

A F-18 with two people on board and a KC-130 with five on board were involved in the incident about 200 miles off Iwakuni, Japan.

A Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 224 F/A-18 Hornet conducts an aerial refuel utilizing a KC-130J in coorlation with Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course in Yuma, Ariz., April 10.

Further details about the incident were not immediately released.

'Chapo' enviaba tantos aviones con droga a México que parecía invasión: testigo
Durante los años 90, llegaban a México tantos aviones procedentes de Colombia cargados de cocaína que "parecía una invasión". Pero la embarcación desapareció a causa de huracán en el Océano Pacífico.

Japanese search-and-rescue aircraft immediately responded to the emergency, the statement added.

A spokesman for Japan's Self-Defense Forces said that one of the airmen had been rescued but the immediate fate of the remaining crew members was unclear. "There is no additional information available at this time".

A total of seven personnel were believed to be on board the two aircraft, according to ABC News' Elizabeth McLaughlin. Check back for updates.

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