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PETA: Phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ are comparable to racism, homophobia

PETA: Phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ are comparable to racism, homophobia

Instead of "bring home the bacon", try "bring home the bagels".

- Old sayings may seem harmless, but, according to PETA, they could actually be viewed as anti-animal language and normalize animal cruelty.

Instead of saying "bring home the bacon", the organization suggests using the phrase "bring home the bagels". And instead of "take the bull by the horns", you should say "take the flower by the thorns".

The internet laughed, and objected.

Not only do the PC editions of the time-tested idioms make little sense - Twitter was quick to point out how where there's a will, there's a way to find someone who will be offended by even the "correct" version.

PETA has been heavily criticised for comparing "speciesism" to racism, homophobia and ableism. The Root called it the "whitest tweet ever."

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Some pointed out that PETA probably has bigger fish to fry.oops.

It's not the first time PETA has been criticized while engaging marginalized communities.

The organization then suggested ways in which people could stop using "anti-animal language".

"That should make racists think twice", PETA wrote on its website. Animals are important. But the n-word or any other pejorative that describes historically disenfranchised people has a historical context.

PETA responded to the criticism Wednesday, asking the "haters" to "lighten up" and for more suggestions on anti-speciesist language.

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