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Nations pressed on 'urgent threat' of climate change

Nations pressed on 'urgent threat' of climate change

Sir David Attenborough warned it could lead to the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of "much of the natural world".

Addressing world leaders at the United Nations climate summit, the great naturalist said that climate change is the "greatest threat in thousands of years", and we are facing a "man-made disaster at a global scale".

At COP24, a video of these messages from citizens all around the world was played, describing their experiences and fears about climate change, and demanding world leaders take action to address the threat.

"Climate change is running faster than we are, and we must catch up sooner rather than later, before it is too late", U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, said at the beginning of the event.

"The world's people have spoken - their message is clear they want you, the decision makers, to act now". 2018 is the year the countries committed to putting a plan in place for carrying out the agreement, so time is running out. "It's what I think you could call a distributed leadership, where you have a number of countries - some of them small or medium-sized - really making headway and doing it in tandem with cities and states and businesses".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres the motivation for his "strong commitment" to climate action is rooted in the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas.

The World Bank on Monday pledged to commit as much as United States dollars 200 billion from 2021 to 2025 towards fighting the threat of climate change during the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP 24) summit here.

The 197 countries collectively agreed to keep global temperature rises to no more than two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels, and if possible, to limit the rise to 1.5 degrees centigrade.

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One key objective of the summit will be for nations to agree on the "Paris Rulebook" that is aimed at guiding nations to fulfil their promised reductions and to make those cuts more transparent and comparable.

For this reason, the COP24 is being called the most important climate conference probably "ever". "Worldwide cooperation is the only way to address the global threat of climate change".

Last week, 20 leaders responsible for 85 percent of the world's economy and two-thirds of the population gathered at the G-20 Summit in Buenos Aires. "This will encourage more ambitious NDCs, as well as innovation to support climate change issues".

Guterres said he hopes to have progress by then on efforts to mobilize $100 billion to help developing nations reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change.

The climate rules and policies that are agreed at the global and national levels will have an enormous impact on how business can help combat climate change, affecting companies' domestic and worldwide operations, supply chains, planning and investments.

The World Bank on Monday announced $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25 - a major shot in the arm for green initiatives but one which needs bolstering by state-provided funding.

Elsewhere in Katowice, a USA campaign group called the Heartland Institute held a meeting criticizing the widespread consensus among scientists that global warming is a man-made phenomenon.

Many countries are already dealing with the droughts, higher seas and catastrophic storms climate change is exacerbating. "Countries must go beyond the bare minimum and take transformative action if we are to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement".

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