Publicado: Mar, Noviembre 13, 2018
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Seoul announces removal of 636 mine units along North Korean border

Seoul announces removal of 636 mine units along North Korean border

The authors say that the sites, which can be used for all classes of ballistic missile, therefore should be declared by North Korea and inspected in any credible, verifiable deal that addresses Pyongyang's most significant threats to the United States and its allies. China and Russian Federation are also both pressuring the United States to agree to ease sanctions.

The revelation appears to undermine North Korea's claims that it is working towards denuclearization and dismantling one of its weapons sites.

The secret missile bases are, notably, not launch sites. And a key facility in the process of creating nuclear-weapons-grade uranium, is still running. They say there are seven more bases that remain hidden.

In the same area in the northern border town of Cheorwon, South Korea has removed 20 mines and 300 unspecified explosives, Jeong said. The "North Korea crisis" has been out of the news for a while, but one way or another expect the crisis to be in the news again soon, especially now that the midterms are over.

The tangerines are harvested at farms on the southernmost island of Jeju, South Korea, Newsis reported.

Last month the two Koreas removed all firearms and guard posts in the Joint Security Area (JSA), the sole outpost in the border truce village of Panmujum, where both countries and US-led UN Command stood face to face. The two Koreas are believed to have a total of 220 guard posts in the DMZ.

The White House wants the full excavation of some 5,300 American soldiers known to be killed and buried on the northern part of the Korean peninsula.

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Moon Jae-in has made it clear that he is extremely anxious to normalize relations with the North, with the eventual goal of reunification, and that he is willing to concede nearly anything to the North to accomplish this.

After it sent the Pungsans to the South, the North received two indigenous Jindo dogs in return.

Tangerines were chosen as a reciprocal gift for the mushrooms, which were sent by the North following the inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang, because they are now in season and not commonly available to North Koreas.

Trump said last Wednesday he hoped to meet again early next year with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un but insisted he was in "no rush" after top-level preparatory talks were abruptly postponed.

That was a repeat of a gesture in 2000, when Kim Jong Il gave South Korea's Kim Dae Jung two Pungsans to mark a summit.

But despite Trump's description of progress, North Korea has repeatedly lashed out at the US and threatened to resume building up its "nuclear forces". I think Kim will decide on his visit to Seoul after the high-level meeting between Pompeo and Kim. "Ongoing conversations continue to take place".

The Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, said in an editorial that South Korea and the USA should "behave reasonably" and abstain from "anachronistic" military acts that could undermine dialogue and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

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