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Conjoined twins who shared a liver are separated in six-hour surgery

Conjoined twins who shared a liver are separated in six-hour surgery

Nima and Dawa had grown facing each other, and could not sit down together.

Conjoined twins who flew almost 6,000 miles for a life-changing operation have been successfully separated by doctors in Australia.

The 15-month-old girls, Nima and Dawa, were doing well after the surgery that lasted nearly six hours, said Joe Crameri, the head of pediatric surgery at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.

Dr Joe Crameri, the hospital's head of paediatric surgery, was positive about the future of the girls health.

Australian surgeons have successfully separated conjoined Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa, after a marathon effort involving an 18-strong medical team.

"We saw two young girls who were very ready for their surgery, who were able to cope very well with the surgery and are now in our recovery doing very well".

The girls and their mother, Bhumchu Zangmo, 38, were brought to Australia October from Bhutan by Children First Foundation, an Australian-based charity.

The operation has previously been postponed after last-minute checks revealed the sisters were not ready.

Dr Crameri said if there were any unexpected problems during the operation, the hospital had all the resources and experts on hand that it would need.

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Dr Crameri congratulated the team and said the extraordinary amount or work and preparation put into the operation had "paid dividends".

Two conjoined twins who were born sharing a liver have been successfully separated in Australia.

The state of Victoria has offered to cover the A$350,000 (£195,000; $255,000) cost of the operation.

Twin sisters are recovering and sleeping apart for the first time in their 15 months of life after undergoing a six-hour separation surgery.

Their mother Bhumchu Zangmo was understandably nervous before the operation, but spent today praying and meditating at a Buddhist temple.

"The greatest challenge was what we were going to find once we went into the abdomen", he said.

It's an ideal outcome, but the difficulty with the surgery lay in not knowing exactly how many vital body parts the twins shared before the first incision was made.

"We feel quietly confident that we will have a good result and that is what I have just told mum upstairs".

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