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U.S. issues directive after Boeing alerts pilots following Indonesia crash

U.S. issues directive after Boeing alerts pilots following Indonesia crash

The review came a day after a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft operated by Lion Air crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

In its safety warning to airlines on Wednesday, Boeing directed them to existing flight crew procedures to address issues with erroneous input from an AOA sensor.

Boeing said its bulletin, sent to airlines on Tuesday, reiterates guidelines on how pilots should respond to erroneous data from an "angle of attack" sensor following the Oct 29 crash that killed 189 people.

The AD followed Boeing's issuing of an operations manual bulletin (OMB), asking 737 MAX operators to remind pilots of how to handle "erroneous" information from the aircraft's angle of attack sensors.

The 2-month-old Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed into the Java Sea 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta.

"The center will undertake relevant work involving the installation, coating and maintenance of the 737 Max and it is expected that the full capacity of the center will reach 100 planes a year, the statement said".

A USA aviation regulator plans to mandate that airlines follow an advisory issued by Boeing Co. Following the protocol should be routine for well-trained pilots, though may be more challenging in the heat of the moment when equipment is malfunctioning and alarms are sounding.

The FAA said the "erroneous inputs can potentially make the horizontal stabilisers repeatedly pitch the nose of the airplane downward, making the aircraft hard to control".

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Indonesia's transport ministry has scheduled a briefing at 12:30 Jakarta on Wednesday to share updated information on the Lion Air accident, Bloomberg reports.

Earlier this week, investigators said the plane's flight data recorder showed that an airspeed indicator malfunctioned during last week's fatal flight as well as three previous flights.

Boeing said it is cooperating fully and providing technical assistance as the investigation continues. But the plane's computers will resume trying to dive as soon as they release the switch, the Boeing bulletin said.

KNKT said it would attempt to reconstruct the jet's last flight using Boeing simulators in Seattle.

Certainly, Indonesian search and rescue officials had trouble locating the wreck, despite encountering a large amount of wreckage in the four days leading up to the discovery of the fuselage.

As details have trickled out following the tragic Lion Air Flight 610 crash in Indonesia last week, one thing has become clear: the crew likely had an unbelievably confusing and desperate situation on their hands.

Divers have recovered one of the two "black boxes" - the flight data recorder - but are still looking for the cockpit voice recorder, in the hope it will shed more light on the cause of the accident.

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