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China unveils its new space station 'Heavenly Palace'

China unveils its new space station 'Heavenly Palace'

Topped with a mannequin holding cosmonaut, and flanked by the national flag red and yellow, the machine was one of the main attractions of the Lounge are aerospace Zhuhai (south).

At the country's biennial aerospace fair in Zhuhai this week, China unveiled a partial replica of its 'Heavenly Palace, ' a 60-tonne orbiting space lab that is the nation's answer to the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA recently shared a video shot in space aboard the International Space Station that is twice the resolution of those jaw-dropping screens, but it will be a few years before anyone has the hardware necessary to appreciate it. It will, however, be clearly smaller.

"There is no doubt that China will use its station in a similar way as the ISS partners are using their outpost: research, technology and as a stepping-stone for deep-space exploration", said Chen Lan, analyst at, a website specialized in the Chinese space program.

The three-minute video (below) includes footage of the MELFI unit aboard the space station (Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS) which is used to store experiment samples, the Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) growth chamber, the Light Microscopy Module (LMM), and various other areas, instruments, and the astronauts who use them in glorious 4320p.

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It has received 40 plans from 27 countries and regions, according to state media.

"I'm sure over time China will be successful developing partnerships", said Bill Ostrove, space analyst with US-based Forecast International consultancy.

"A lot of countries and a growing number of private companies, and universities have space programs, but no money to build their own space station". In August, the space station's crew had to plug up an air leak in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft that's now docked to the station.

Despite the rivalry between Beijing and Washington, engaged in a trade war, a spationaut american could even one day work on board the CSS.

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) have brought us the veryfirst 8K video from space. China has said it plans to let space agencies from other governments use the station for experiments.

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