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Captain Kane happy to honour Rooney in final England farewell

Captain Kane happy to honour Rooney in final England farewell

For the uninitiated, two years after retiring from global football, Rooney has been invited to turn out for one last hurrah, an appearance that would increase his cap tally to a nice round 120 - all backed by a near-total absence of public demand.

None of the gate receipts taken from Wayne Rooney's final performance for the England national team will be made available for his foundation, a report in The Times has revealed.

However, as well as the news on charity funding, it is known that Rooney will not captain the side nor wear the number 10 shirt.

All in all, a roaring success.

England manager Gareth Southgate says the team hasn't been great at recognising its veterans, something he hopes to change.

The FA's controversial decision has prompted accusations that Rooney's farewell call-up is a mere ruse to sell more tickets for the match, while others have suggested that the 33-year-old's involvement could derail the momentum of Southgate's squad ahead of a crucial UEFA Nations League game against Croatia.

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I don't think we have been brilliant at that over the years. Wayne is one the greatest ever players to play for England, the greatest goalscorer to play for England, so why not give him the send-off he deserves?

We went to Germany and played when they honoured (Lukas) Podolski.

"There have been ongoing discussions since Wayne retired about paying tribute to him and his England career", said the manager, who added Rooney had declined an opportunity to be honoured ahead of the World Cup so as not to take the attention away from those going to Russian Federation.

"I understand that has caused a lot of debate and conjecture but for me I think it is a small way of appreciating what he has done for his country".

"He's a footballer who'll want to play for as long as he can, I know that". I don't think Wayne has been involved in all those discussions and I don't need to be involved in all those discussions, frankly. Now we have the opportunity with a game at Wembley to pay that tribute.

"Part of being a footballer is showing the resilience that would be commonplace among the squad, coming back form setbacks whether that's through rejection or injury", said Southgate.

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