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Key Arizona Senate race too close to call late Tuesday

Key Arizona Senate race too close to call late Tuesday

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally tie at 46 percent apiece among Arizona likely voters.

Based on those numbers it sounds as if this race is going to get even tighter, but the NY Times' estimate of the outstanding vote gives McSally a slight advantage: "We think about 546,000 votes remain to be counted". That means about 57 percent of the total votes cast went for Senate Democrats. "They are still transporting polling place votes to the counties themselves so there's quite a bit of ballots that have not been tabulated yet". The fact that most of the seats up for re-election were Democratic made the party more vulnerable to suffer losses, which Sens.

"A lot of our faithful voters still haven't turned their early ballots back in", the congresswoman said.

"My job has always been to do a good job and to try to earn the support of all Arizona voters, regardless of political party", Sinema said.

McSally and Sinema spent Election Day trying to drum up every vote possible during last-minute stops at local restaurants. McSally, 52, is a onetime Trump critic who has embraced the president since his election.

Rivera exige un cambio "exprés" de la ley hipotecaria
Todo lo más que ha dicho el Gobierno , por boca de la ministra de Trabajo, es que " hay que respetar " las decisiones judiciales.

Though she described Democrat enthusiasm in early ballot returns as "very high", the Air Force's first female combat pilot and squadron commander said she was counting on GOP supporters to get their early ballots posted or get to the polls today.

Many Democrats have been critical of Trump's decision to send troops to the border, but a poll from Rasmussen shows that 50 percent of Americans support the decision. The repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which didn't become law, would have weakened protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

"[Sinema] is not the kind of person we want to be our next senator", said McSally, who called her opponent a "flaming Left liberal". Republican ads publicized a 2010 video of Sinema repeating a comedian's description of Arizona as "the meth lab of democracy".

The picture was brighter for the state's Democrats in Congress, where Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick was elected to the Tucson-area swing district seat vacated by McSally and Democrats held all their other four seats, giving them a majority of the state's nine-member U.S. House delegation.

In her campaign, Sinema courted Republicans by positioning herself as a nonpartisan problem solver. Also at stake is Arizona's role in national elections. But Democrats have repeatedly hoped the state's growing Latino population and influx of more educated professionals would make it competitive.

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