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Voter help hotline busiest in decades with concerns, polling place issues

Voter help hotline busiest in decades with concerns, polling place issues

Due to high voter turnout this election cycle, people are encouraged to vote early.

"This is the best thing you could be doing being here today, early voting", said one early voter on Saturday. "This milestone is a testament to the hard work of thousands of election officials all across Georgia who are dedicated to secure, accessible, and fair elections for all".

You'll sign a written statement, in front of an election official at the polling place, saying you are a registered voter and are eligible to vote.

With Johnson's office seeing increased early voting turnout, he said, he's anticipating a similar trend with voter turnout overall.

Most voters can request a provisional ballot Tuesday if they are turned away at the polls because their voter registration is not on record.

While Broward reported no problems at the polls to date, printers at early voting locations in North Miami and Homestead went down on Sunday.

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"In almost all of the states, after being cast, the provisional ballot is kept separate from other ballots until after the election", says the state legislatures group.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap has predicted turnout as high as 65 percent, a robust figure for an off-year election. "The dryer, the crisper the ballot is, the less issues you're going to have with the machine".

Troubled voter registrations in Georgia. Here is a rundown of what you need to know before voting.

A total of 14 County Board seats are up in the midterm election, with all but three contested. More than 7,100 of those were walk-in votes cast in person.

Among some polling sites with issues was P.S. 81 in Riverdale, where scanners were down starting at around 3:30 p.m. The Division monitors elections to help determine compliance with these voting rights statutes. Even though the Division does not publicly announce monitoring except in connection with federal general elections, the Division is out in the field for all kinds of elections all over the country and all throughout each year, not just federal general elections. Voters who have cast an absentee ballot can track it on the MyVote Wisconsin website. All you have to do is find your polling location at or, and then use the My DART App to learn which routes you should take to get there. More than 4,500 ballots were mailed, and as of midday Monday, about 1,100 had been returned with many more received yet to be counted.

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