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Colleagues mourn Australian doctor killed by shark - 'we are deeply saddened'

Colleagues mourn Australian doctor killed by shark - 'we are deeply saddened'

The man bitten on Monday suffered severe injuries in his legs and arm, and was resuscitated before being transferred to hospital, a spokesman for the Queensland Ambulance Service said.

Whitsunday Police are interviewing witnesses to the incident and will use this information to prepare a report for the Coroner.

The 33-year-old victim was among 10 friends who set out from Airlie Beach on the Queensland state mainland aboard a rented yacht for a five-day cruise through the idyllic Whitsunday Islands, police inspector Steve O'Connell said.

Shark control equipment had been temporarily placed in Cid Harbour following the first two attacks but was removed on September 27 after the potentially risky sharks were removed.

The Queensland Police Service extends its sympathies to the deceased man's loved ones at this hard time.

An Australian man has died after being attacked by a shark at a popular tourist spot in Queensland.

It was the third shark attack in the harbour since two others were mauled in the space of 24 hours in September, but a rescue crewman who arrived on the scene at about 7pm described it as "the worst one yet". "It's just - the injuries were so severe", he added.

"Definitely one of the more hard ones for everyone involved", McCauley said. "A lot of blood, a lot of confusion", he said.

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Cid Harbour, located in north Queensland's idealic tourism hotspot the Whitsunday Islands, has recently become notorious for shark attacks following the mauling of two people in September this year.

The latest attack comes after a woman and young girl were both bitten by sharks while swimming in waters in Cid Harbour two months ago.

Less than a day earlier, 46-year-old Tasmanian tourist Justine Barwick suffered a major injury to her upper left thigh.

Dr Chapman said a number of factors including the movement and number of bait fish in the area, water temperature and increased rainfall could have played a role in a rising shark presence around Cid Harbour.

Local dive boat operator Tony Fontes said it was important the industry was open about the warnings but that he had not seen any negative impacts since the first attack in September.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones says expert advice suggests drumlines are not the most effective method of controlling shark populations.

Fisheries Minister Mark Furner said in the statement that the harbor is a popular site to moor boats and the disposal of food scraps could attract sharks.

"We really need to be smarter than what we have been and actually learn from these things as opposed to just going out and killing animals", Dr Chapman said.

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