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Alec Baldwin arrested over parking dispute in NY

Alec Baldwin arrested over parking dispute in NY

After taking its first hiatus of the 44th season, "Saturday Night Live" certainly had a stockpile of material it could have used for the first cold open back in three weeks.

Tara Palmeri (pictured above right), an ABC News White House correspondent, is now recalling on Twitter how Baldwin once said something incredibly bad to her when she was working as a tabloid reporter in New York City.

McKinnon's purported Fox News colleague in the sketch was Judge Jeanine Pirro, played by cast member Cecily Strong, who ominously warned that the immigrant caravan was comprised of "everyone you've ever seen in your nightmares..."

"Good evening, I'm Laura Ingraham", McKinnon said. "The phrase white nationalist is bad".

He also shared aerial footage of the caravan, which was of crabs on a beach.

"It's got Guatemalans, Mexicans, ISIS, the Menéndez brothers, the 1990 Detroit Pistons, Thanos and several Babadooks", said Strong as Pirro.

Sanciones buscan restituir la democracia en Venezuela — Marquina
Las nuevas medidas limitan las exportaciones de oro del país sudamericano , las cuales fueron tildadas de " transacciones ilícitas " por John Bolton, consejero de seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos .

It also has "hella" Middle Eastern Aladdins.

Who's in the caravan heading north to the USA border? "It makes too much sense". Strong's Pirro responded, before showing "clips" of the caravan that were actually clips from crowds rushing into stores on Black Friday and zombies attacking in the film "World War Z".

Kenan Thompson then brought along his Sheriff David Clarke impression to add more fear factoring to the pile-on of these people, saying, "The caravan is only 800 miles from our border".

Ingraham then thanked her sponsors: warm ice cream, My Hemorrhoid Donut, and White Castle ("a castle for whites? yes, please").

Starting a new segment for tips on voting, McKinnon as Ingraham claimed she was going to counteract voter suppression but offered minority populations advice that included "Never vote on Tuesdays" and "If you see "R" next to a name, that means 'really a democrat'".

Clarke also said that the women in the caravan are over nine months pregnant, and will "literally drop anchor" once in the USA, with babies who are also pregnant.

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