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The story of Apple and the iPhone in 3 charts

The story of Apple and the iPhone in 3 charts

The investor reaction is based largely on a weaker than expected holiday forecast, with analysts expecting guidance to project $93bn (£71.5bn), compared to Apple's prediction of $89 to 93bn.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also sought to reassure analysts during the conference call with an explanation that indicated the company expects to keep making more money even if iPhone sales should falter.

For the whole of 2018, Apple was set to sell about 2 million phones - a drop of about a million from previous year, he said, as Indians baulk at high prices for the devices, driven by trade tariffs and a weak rupee. In future quarters, the number of iPhones Apple sells could decline - but we probably won't know about it.

Apple's services business, a constant bright spot in recent quarters, hit a revenue milestone in Q4 2018: $10 billion (it's $9.98 billion to be exact, but Apple rounded up). That's in large part because the company is hiking prices across the board.

Apple now has not one but two smartphones on the market - the XS and XS Max - with price tags that can exceed $1,000. Some talking heads will say that this is because Apple's growth is slowing, but it seems that the company doesn't think unit sales are the best way to look at financial results. That's a little bit lower than some of the most bullish analysts were hoping for. For most people it is the number of units shifted by a company that are indicative of success or failure of a particular product. As for other products, iPad sales were down by about 6% year over year while Mac sales were down by 2%. The unit sales report from Apple was used by many analysts. And despite years of rumors about an Apple Car, there is still nothing on the horizon.

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The company Apple released its latest iPhones, models selling from $1,000 to $1,500, at the tail end of the quarter, and those appeared to get off to a strong start.

The refurb iPhone 8 with 64GB of storage can be yours for $499, which is $100 less than its regular price. Its services arm, for example, which includes iCloud and Apple Music subscriptions, had a turnover of close to $10bn in the period. "We set September quarter revenue records for iPhone and Wearables, and all-time quarterly records for Services and Mac".

On Tuesday, Mr Cook unveiled a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air as Apple completed a refresh of its major product lines for the year. But, he admits it could take a year for investors to embrace it.

Both, the declining/stagnating sales and increasing ASP of iPhone, has been attracting enough criticism for Apple, especially at the time when the growth of the global smartphone market is largely driven by developing markets, likes of India.

Apple executives defended their decision, arguing that the figures are no longer good indicators of the firm's financial health.

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