Publicado: Lun, Octubre 22, 2018
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Canadian Girl Guide sells out of cookies at new pot shop

Canadian Girl Guide sells out of cookies at new pot shop

In February 2018, a girl guide in San Diego sold 300 boxes of cookies to hungry customers outside a cannabis dispensary.

"We've sold cookies in the neighbourhood before with her and it's door to door".

"We were going to sell them in the neighborhood and it's always been a little slow", he told CTV News.

The pair walked up and down the lineup, which stretched around the block the entire day.

It took her only 45 minutes to sell out of her stock of munchies, collecting $120 for the Girl Guides in the process.

"It amazed me how quickly they went", her dad Seann Childs told the broadcaster.

"Everybody was respectful, everybody was happy, and she walked away from it as this incredibly positive experience as well as selling out all her Brownie cookies".

Nationwide, the first day of legalized marijuana was a hit with many people in Canada, which became the first industrialized nation to legalize marijuana.

"It was well received", said Childs. "I'd never seen anything quite like that".

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"We were sold out in no time", he said.

An official with the Girl Guides praised Elina's strategy.

A social media post on Elina outside the pot store went viral and Monahan said they started getting questions about whether it was allowed.

Elina's parents say it turned out to be a teachable moment.

Elina has cystic fibrosis, so Childs wanted to make sure he explained to his daughter the different uses and effects of cannabis.

He noted that smoking is usually harmful to her.

As Edmontonians lined up to buy legal cannabis from retail stores on Wednesday, Elina Childs saw a business opportunity.

"This was one day she could benefit from smoking", said Childs.

"We talked about ... what it was and what it means for people who want to use it and people who don't want to use it", he said.

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