Publicado: Lun, Octubre 22, 2018
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At least 17 people are killed after passenger train derails in Taiwan

At least 17 people are killed after passenger train derails in Taiwan

This handout photo made available by the Taiwan Railway Administration on October 21 2018, shows the scene after the Puyuma Express train derailed near Xinma station in Taiwan's northeastern Yilan county.

The National Health Insurance Administration implemented code C001, telling local hospitals that the NHA will cover the medical expenses of uninsured foreigners if any have been involved in the disaster.

All eight carriages came off the tracks and five of them flipped over during the accident in Yilan county, which happened on a line popular among tourists.

The train, carrying more than 300 passengers, was headed towards Taitung, a city on the country's southeast coast.

Most of the deaths were in the first auto, and it was unclear whether other people were trapped in the train, according to a government spokesman, who spoke on the customary condition of anonymity.

Bodies were seen being carried out of the wrecked carriages by rescue workers earlier Sunday evening.

Images of the accident show the carriages lying in a zig-zag shape next to the tracks just south of the city of Luodong.

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The cause of the accident is being investigated.

Onlookers said some passengers were forced to windows in order to escape the train.

All eight cars of the train derailed, and 5 overturned.

The railway administration, citing the fire department, said 17 people died of cardiac arrest.

More than 120 soldiers joined firefighters in their rescue work, tending to the injured and examining the wreckage for signs of more survivors.

"We will use all our strength and efforts for the rescue", Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen wrote on her Facebook page.

The crash was the worst rail accident in Taiwan since 1991 when 30 passengers were killed and 112 injured after two trains collided in Miaoli.

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