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For some with breast cancer, ‘pink October’ can’t end soon enough

For some with breast cancer, ‘pink October’ can’t end soon enough

After your 30's, it depends on risk factors and its best to have a conversation with your doctor as to how often you need to have a mammogram. "I think we did a great job and we're proud that we could help".

In a recent study of postmenopausal women, participants who lost weight had a lower risk of developing invasive breast cancer than those who maintained or gained weight. The average life expectancy of an individual with metastatic breast cancer is three years.

Another reason, a new study suggests, may be black women are less consistent with follow-through with the years-long course of daily endocrine therapy prescribed for certain common types of breast cancer.

A new survey of more than 1000 women found seven in 10 women think it is unfair they are not told about their breast density. Most people have either had a family member or friend that suffered from cancer.

Once a person receives their breast cancer diagnosis, Smith steps in. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018, here's How To Check Your Breasts For Lumps!

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The five-year survival rate for breast cancer patients is 88.6 percent, but breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women, topped only by lung cancer, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I can see the gratitude of women when detecting their breast cancer early with self-examination and mammogram. It makes such a difference for me, when I make a woman who calls me up and cries when she first gets on, if I make her laugh at the end, then I did my job.

Last year, more than 20 men participated in the campaign, raising more than 60,000 to fight breast cancer. Women across the country have limited knowledge about what the disease entails in terms of screening, treatment and cost. While 65% of the respondents had not heard about mammography as a screening test for breast cancer, a whopping 80% did not have the slightest idea about clinical breast examination.

Tara Morgan Cancer Survivor: "It was very hard earlier this year finding out that I had Stage 4 breast cancer and I thought that you know it would never happen to me but like I said god has his plan and I guess that this was my plan from him to let me be able to give my testimony today". I had absolutely know idea. "DelDOT just is aware of the significance and the importance of promoting breast cancer awareness and we just want to do everything we can to get the word out and promote it", said Lilly. Since a woman likely will never conquer the disease, they prefer the term "thriver", she said.

The Breast Cancer Research Stamp was the first semi-postal stamp in USA history. "I got the whole enchilada", she says. "For some reason, I checked that one day, and I am so glad I did. And it's getting faster and faster".

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