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Twins' Miguel Sano won't be charged in traffic indicent

Twins' Miguel Sano won't be charged in traffic indicent

Gillandeux suffered breaks to both the tibia and fibula of his left leg and was taken to the hospital by Sano, according to Duran. According to a translation of the newspaper's story, the officer "ordered Sano to stop at a checkpoint, but he continued (and) ran over the uniformed officer, leaving him with serious damage".

Their powerful third baseman, Miguel Sano, was arrested early Sunday morning after being involved in a traffic accident in the Dominican Republic.

Sano was questioned by police because his vehicle didn't have a license plate and he didn't have identification on him.

A team spokesman for the Twins said "we are still gathering information" but declined to comment otherwise. It was announced today that the third baseman would not face any criminal charges because the incident was not intentional and Sano never attempted to flee the scene. The two knew each other beforehand and Sano offered to pay his medical expenses.

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The Twins said in a statement on Sunday: "The Minnesota Twins have been made aware of a situation involving Miguel Sano recently in the Dominican Republic".

The accident was another bump in what has been a rocky road for the former All-Star, who was accused of sexual assault by a female photographer last December, although no charges were filed.

But Sano followed with perhaps the most disappointing season of what has been an underachieving career thus far. He batted.199 in 71 games with 13 home runs, 53 hits and 115 strikeouts for the Twins.

The 25-year-old was detained by police for several hours after the incident, but was released after agreeing to return on Monday to be issued a traffic court citation.

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