Publicado: Jue, Octubre 11, 2018
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McConnell defends Murkowski: 'Nobody is going to beat her'

McConnell defends Murkowski: 'Nobody is going to beat her'

Trump resurfaced some of these concerns after Kavanaugh's nomination was threatened by sexual assault allegations.

Trump has repeatedly said that putting conservatives on the court - Kavanaugh is his second appointment - was among the top goals of his presidency.

On a positive note for his party, he said he expects the Kavanaugh confirmation fight and approval to provide an "adrenaline shot" of GOP enthusiasm at the polls. With police standing by, a small group of protesters gathered outside the courthouse, holding signs saying "Shame" and "He sits on a throne of lies".

New Justice Brett Kavanaugh says the Supreme Court "is not a partisan or political institution", and is promising to "always be a team player on a team of nine".

Kavanaugh was confirmed on a 50-48 vote.

Professor Christine Blasey Ford, who gave evidence to senators that Mr Kavanaugh, then aged 17, sexually assaulted her when she was aged 15 in Maryland in 1982, has been unable to return home because of "unending death threats", according to her lawyer.

He called the dearth of women Republican candidates winning elections "a great frustration" and said those in the Senate now "just haven't been interested" in serving on the panel that confirms judges and justices. Meanwhile, Democrats are still bitter about Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"We wish you a long and happy career in our common calling", Roberts said.

"To the men and women of the United States Capitol Police and all the other law enforcement officers who kept members, staff and citizens safe, even in extremely hard and often hostile circumstances, we really can't thank them enough", he said in his opening remarks on the Senate floor. He had already hired four law clerks, all women.

Efecto Bolsonaro duplica presencia de militares en el Congreso brasileño
El Partido Progresistas (PP, derecha), que tendrá la tercera bancada en la nueva Cámara de Diputados , se declaró neutral.

He emphatically denied the allegations.

Image: Judge Kavanaugh being sworn in.

Kavanaugh's Saturday confirmation in one of the closest such Senate votes in history highlighted deep American polarisation ahead of November 6 congressional midterm elections where Democrats hope to end Republican dominance.

Asked by a reporter about the possibility that Democrats could "launch many, many investigations into the President and the administration", McConnell said, "I think it will help the president get re-elected". And it comes as the president is on a high wave following a series of wins, including Kavanaugh's confirmation.

This "speaking truth to power" line has been spoken in reference to Anita Hill, the woman who accused SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment back in 1991; Hill has now had an HBO movie and a documentary glorify her testimony.

"What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process", the president said in his remarks at the swearing in.

Kavanaugh is expected to push the court further to the right as he is replacing Kennedy, a conservative who sometimes voted with the liberal justices on key social issues including in cases involving abortion and gay rights.

The Kavanaugh confirmation process has revealed not a flaw in our system, but rather the despicable lengths the radical left will go to bully, intimidate and shout down those with whom they disagree.

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