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Health officials suggest people should start thinking about getting their flu shots

Health officials suggest people should start thinking about getting their flu shots

They're made of inactivated, or dead, virus and proteins - not live virus - making it impossible to get the flu from the shot.

An especially nasty flu strain, the H3N2 virus, wreaked havoc throughout the country last season. In a particularly gruesome way to go, people with the flu can experience "multiple organ failure" throughout their bodies. This represented approximately 1 percent of the US population at the time; in today's terms, that would equal more than 30 million deaths in the USA alone.

"We can stomp out the flu, or limit its opportunity to spread, if everyone gets the flu vaccine", said Richard Lockwood, M.D., vice president and chief medical officer, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

It's the time of the year to receive your seasonal influenza vaccine.

It was 100 years ago that the infamous 1918 influenza pandemic spread death and terror around the world. That could never happen again, or could it?

Influenza (commonly called "the flu") is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses, and it can cause mild to severe illness.

The flu vaccine is a preventive measure for people with other chronic illnesses, such as cardiac, diabetes and lung diseases. CDC data estimate 80,000 people died due to influenza during the 2017-18 season, the Washington Post reported last week. While most of those people are over 65 years of age, children under the age of two are at just as great a risk which leads to Myth #2.

Children as young as six months are encouraged to get the flu shot, and it is recommended for most adults who do not have egg allergies or have had bad reactions to flu shots in the past.

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A nurse administers a flu shot at Perry Memorial Hospital in Princeton, Illinois, on October 12, 2017.

Influenza may also trigger a heart attack, and studies have shown that getting a flu shot can help prevent heart attacks and strokes as effectively as taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Of those who died, 42 percent were known to have been vaccinated, and 58 percent were either not vaccinated or had no documentation of flu vaccine, said to DHHS spokesman Cobey Culton.

Despite what you may have heard, serious side effects are very rare.

In addition to the single day that the vaccinations were offered, the flu clinic was not extensively advertised to students - two emails were sent out, one on September 28 and another on the day of the clinic. Some children develop a very high fever or complications of flu, such as bronchitis or pneumonia and may need hospital treatment. Despite being produced via raw eggs, you can not get salmonella poisoning from the flu shot. Not only is that statement completely false it is totally impossible!

Carson said flu shots are available from family doctors or pharmacies and expected public health to announce the start of flu season later this month or in early November. A dead virus can not reproduce and therefore can not infect a person.

How does the vaccine work, exactly?

The flu shot did not work well a year ago as the vaccine only reduces a person's risk by 40 percent.

Remember, the flu shot can take two to four weeks before it's fully effective, so it's best to be vaccinated sooner than later.

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