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Columbus Day will no longer be celebrated in namesake OH city

Columbus Day will no longer be celebrated in namesake OH city

When Cincinnati followed suit last week, member station WVXU reports, it did so "to celebrate the thriving culture and value that all indigenous people add" to the city, and to recognize "the annexation of indigenous homelands". The six-month exhibit was like a cross between a horticulture-obsessed version of Disney's Epcot and a miniature World's Fair, featuring a waterfall, a rose garden with 130 varieties, a display of grasses from nearly every continent on earth and a "community of nations garden" that "has got to be one of the main roads of heaven", as The Washington Post described it then.

Basically, it's hard to tell if banks, post offices, schools, and the stock market are open or closed on Columbus Day.

An attempt in Akron to rename the holiday grew ugly a year ago, dividing the all-Democratic city council along racial lines.

A wholesale replacement of Columbus Day with one celebrating indigenous peoples in Pennsylvania is unlikely, to say the least. Hawaii skips Columbus day completely, opting instead to celebrate Discoverer's Day - coincidentally on the same date - to commemorate the Polynesian discoverers of Hawaii.

The release concluded, "In honor of those who have served in the military, the City of Columbus will be closed on Veteran's Day on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018". Now, for 2018, the groups say they will "once again will be rethinking Columbus Day with a focus on Indigenous people, their lovely cultures and traditions".

City offices will close instead on Veterans Day, which falls on November 12 this year. The bond market as well as state and federal offices will open back up on Tuesday.

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In fact, for the first time ever not even Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating its namesake's holiday.

In addition, Columbus Metropolitan Library branches will be open Monday and Central Ohio Transit Authority offices will be open and buses will run on a regular schedule. Those cities are now honoring the history and contributions of Native Americans.

Monday's other celebration is to remember the people who inhabited North America long before Christopher Columbus claimed to have discovered the new world. The one that stands outside City Hall arrived as a gift in 1955 from Genoa, Italy, believed to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Organizers of the 39-year-old Columbus Italian Festival, traditionally held on Columbus Day weekend, were not given advance notice of the city's decision, said board member Joseph Contino. "This is another feather in the city of Columbus" cap'.

Columbus Day is a postal holiday.

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