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Theresa May facing enormous challenge as Brexit deadline looms

Theresa May facing enormous challenge as Brexit deadline looms

Journalists, analysts, politicians and others have reacted to the speech, and Mrs May's awkward dancing as she was announced at the conference in Birmingham.

"But according to the Daily Telegraph, Mrs May is under pressure to set a timetable for his departure", some members of his cabinet in the hope that she resigns as soon as the Brexit consumed.

A party that conserves the best of our inheritance but is not afraid of change. She reasserted her commitment to finding a realistic compromise with the European Union - unlike some of her conservative rivals, who she said "are not acting in the national interest, but their own political interest". So, it is no surprise that we have had a range of different views expressed this week.

By the prime minister's terms, it was not a bad speech but even she would readily admit she is no orator.

Namechecking Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister from 1979 to 1990 who remains a hero to many in the party, he called on the party to build more houses and, while courting business, he struck out at bankers over the 2008 financial crisis.

Mrs May said: "There is a government cap on how much they can borrow against their Housing Revenue Account assets to fund new developments".

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the 2019 Spending Review at the Budget last November.

To applause from activists, she said: "Sound finances are essential, but they are not the limit of our ambition".

"Mrs May was treated by the European Union in a most appalling way to humiliate her and Britain".

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And she lambasted Corbyn's plans for the United Kingdom saying that it would cost a trillion pounds. Then she suffered a coughing fit she could not shake off.

"I was a party leader myself for 15 years and I know what the rules of party politics are, but now that the Tory party conference is over we should get down to business", Tusk declared.

May acknowledged that Johnson's speech had made her "cross" but said she was sticking to her Brexit blueprint. And she laid it out as if it was a proper exit from the EU. She was clearly angry but she carried on doing what is right for the country.

May has shown little sign of moving away from her so-called Chequers plan, but after trying to display unity over Brexit at her party's annual conference in the city of Birmingham, Johnson looked set to shatter those attempts.

And to cap it all, the Tory Brexiteers stand on the deck spouting fearless words but do nothing to save themselves and their party. Forty-eight lawmakers would need to write such letters to trigger a vote of confidence in the leader.

The MP for Rochford and Southend East, James Duddridge, submitted his letter to the party chairman minutes before Theresa May was due on stage. But what I am saying is that even if the whips did fantastically well and got the numbers down to 40 it still seems to me that it will be voted down. As she put it: "We need to come together now". Whereas I have never been a huge fan of "attack your opponent to strengthen your position" technique, May did point out a fact about the Labour Party - it has not been the same since Corbyn had taken leadership in 2015.

Tusk also condemned once again British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt for comparing the European Union to the Soviet Union.

Getting the plans through will be politically hard as Mr Dodds said failure to strike an agreement would be better than adding a customs or regulatory border down the Irish Sea. "She will stay as leader and Brexit will continue to be betrayed".

"Boris always puts on a good show but what matters to people is what we are delivering for them on the things that affect their day to day lives", she told Sky News.

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