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Trump Reaffirms Support For Top Court Pick, Says Testimony Was "Honest"

Trump Reaffirms Support For Top Court Pick, Says Testimony Was

She has said that she believes it is important to listen to both Ford and Kavanaugh before making up her mind about whether to confirm Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and angrily defended himself at his portion of Thursday's hearing. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from CT, asking for a subpoena of Mark Judge, the man who Ford says was present while Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her. Judge has submitted two written statements denying Ford's account of the assault, saying he did not recall the events she described and never saw that behavior from Kavanaugh.

Flake, the swing vote on the 21-member committee, said earlier in a statement that he planned to support Kavanaugh, saying the nominee was entitled to the presumption of innocence "absent corroborating evidence".

In the hours after the hearing Thursday, one previously undecided Republican came out in support of Kavanaugh. Sen.

Delay, delay, delay. That's all they want, because their goal is to do anything and everything to smear any nominee - anyone - and block Republicans from appointing another justice to the Supreme Court. But what exactly the FBI will investigate still remains a mystery.

Kavanaugh's opening statement: Read it here.

And second, because the Federal Bureau of Investigation might hear from, and ask questions of, people who so far have only spoken out on paper. The FBI will submit a report to the White House and the Senate Judiciary Committee when the examination is complete.

The image of Mr Flake, cornered in a congressional lift, being berated by a number of women who said they themselves had been the victims of a sexual assault, was searing and unforgettable.

The final vote was 11-10 in favour.

The case made by Democrats and outside groups goes beyond Judge.

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"I just want it to work out well for the country", he said.

What about Senate investigators and Kavanaugh's background checks? Jeff Flake of Arizona, said he could not promise to vote for Kavanaugh on the Senate floor and called for a delay of up to a week for a further investigation. The Senate already has been reviewing his case for weeks.

Kavanaugh broke down other times, including when he spoke of his childhood friends who have been forced into the spotlight and those who have stuck up for his reputation.

Flake, a key moderate Republican, was at the center of Friday's drama and uncertainty.

Tester also said he has "deep concerns about the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh".

Now, the FBI is likely "organizing their resources to ensure that every field office and every agent is available to conduct" the investigation within a week, said ABC News contributor and former FBI Special Agent in Charge Steve Gomez.

One difference is what the people involved are willing to say now.

"I'm going to let the Senate handle that, they'll make their decisions and they've been doing a good job and very professional", he said. That now appears unlikely.

Other senators backed Senator Flake's request, including Republicans Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME, as well as Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who has been viewed as a possible vote in favour of Kavanaugh.

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