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Streak over: Cleveland Browns win after 635 days

Streak over: Cleveland Browns win after 635 days

Barack Obama was still President. From the sheer joy of Browns fans after a win to the difficulty of opening the fridges, it was all there.

Open the coolers, Browns fans. Cowherd was openly critical of Mayfield during his time at Oklahoma - especially given his arrest. So, Bud Light installed "victory fridges" in ten Cleveland bars.

The Cleveland Police Department even offered their praise to the Browns, while also reminding Cleveland to "stay calm" and "drive sober".

"I think you guys all feel good about where things are headed", Jackson said Friday after the Browns reached.500 for the first time since the 2014 season. Cleveland definitely deserved tonight.

James anotó gol en la victoria (3-1) del Bayern ante Leverkusen
El desplazamiento del domingo a Friburgo (16º), que tampoco ha puntuado, será un partido lleno de tensión y de presión para ambos. El Bayern tiene ahora nueve puntos, dos más que el Dortmund, que abrió la fecha con un 3-1 al Eintracht Frankfurt.

"It's not the only win we're going to celebrate", Mayfield said. He's just a special dude. The man gingerly - but confidently, we must add - held the possum by its tail as a stadium worker came to help, and fans cheered as the animal was lowered into a cardboard box.

Mayfield entered the game with the Browns trailing 14-0 late in the first half, and he immediately led them to a field goal on his opening possession.

Let the beer flow in Cleveland. Now Bud Light will have to get used to unlocking those fridges after seeing what Mayfield can do. The Browns are in the win column.

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