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Demi Lovato's mom recalls the day her daughter overdosed

Demi Lovato's mom recalls the day her daughter overdosed

- Demi Lovato's mother says the singer is "doing really well" almost two months after being hospitalized for a drug overdose. But I said to her, 'Demi, I'm here.

Lovato has said that Valderrama saved her life during her battles with bulimia, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and self-harm, claiming the only "off-again" periods during their relationship were due to her illness. "I love you.' And at that point she said, 'I love you too.' So from that point on I never allowed myself to think that things wouldn't be OK".

"She just didn't look good, at all".

The former That '70s Show star was snapped multiple times visiting Lovato while she was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following her overdose.

De La Garza, sadly, found out the news from TMZ.

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El serbio, además, no defiende ni un punto hasta final de temporada, por lo que sumará puntos con cualquier resultado que consiga.

Dianna De La Garza appeared on NewsMax TV on Tuesday via live stream to detail the exact moment she discovered her daughter had reportedly overdosed in her Hollywood Hills home on July 24. "He's seen her highs and lows, and has always been there for her, and he knows she needs him now more than ever". I think my heart is always with Wilmer, I think it was with Wilmer, I think it is with Wilmer, I think it will be. "The first lines of these texts were saying, 'I just heard the news, I'm so sorry, I'm praying for your family, I'm praying for Demi.' I was in shock, like, what is going on?"

"It's only when I'm lonely/ Sometimes I just wanna cave/ And I don't wanna fight".

After hearing Demi's response, the 56-year-old says she chose to never allow herself to think "that things weren't going to be okay" again.

Watch the full interview with Dianna de la Garza below.

What followed were dark days, with Lovato in critical condition, her mother said.

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