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Putin says two Skripal suspects are civilians

Putin says two Skripal suspects are civilians

He added with a smirk, "I hope they will soon appear and tell their own story".

The duo had entered Britain on genuine passports, prosecutors said, while British Prime Minister Theresa May described them as military intelligence officers nearly certainly acting on orders from high up in the Russian state.

British police identified the suspects based on their passports and surveillance video, but authorities say Boshirov and Petrov could be aliases.

"These men are officers of the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, who used a devastatingly toxic illegal chemical weapon on the streets of our country", May's spokesman said. Britain said the men work for Russian military intelligence.

"They should go to some media outlet".

Asked about Putin's remarks, Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman said Britain's attempts to get an explanation from Russian Federation over the poisoning of the Skripals had always been met with obfuscation and lies and that had not changed. "Hours after their final visit to Salisbury, they took a late-night flight back to Moscow on March 4 - the same day the Skripals were sickened".

First Westminster Terror Attack Victim Died As Big Ben Chimed, Inquest Told
LIVES were torn apart "by 82 seconds of high and awful drama" in the Westminster terror attack, an inquest has heard. He said it looks like people were being struck like "human bowling pins" and "thrown into the air like rag dolls".

Last week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, while addressing a Parliament session, held Russian Federation accountable for the Salisbury attack and said that only Russian Federation had the motive to carry out the attack as well as the technical means and operational experience.

A woman near Salisbury, Dawn Sturgess, died in July and her partner Charlie Rowley fell ill after Rowley found a counterfeit bottle of Nina Ricci perfume containing Novichok and brought it home.

Last month the U.S. confirmed it was implementing fresh sanctions against Russian Federation over the incident. "They are just ordinary civilians", Putin told a session at an economic forum in Vladivostok broadcast on state TV.

Britain's allies have backed it over the case, with the United States and other European countries expelling hundreds of Russian diplomats suspected of being spies.

The suspects fled to Russian Federation, who won't extradite them, but they would be arrested if they entered any European Union country. Authorities have said they do not believe the couple were deliberately targeted but were exposed after touching a contaminated item left behind by the people who attacked the attack on the Skripals. Russian news agency Fontanka has found traffic tickets and a Moscow apartment registered to Boshirov, but none of the neighbors know him.

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