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Paul Manafort pleads GUILTY and will cooperate with Mueller probe

Paul Manafort pleads GUILTY and will cooperate with Mueller probe

But Friday's announcement was a political blow to Trump's presidency ahead of November 6 congressional elections that will determine whether or not Republicans keep control of Congress.

Manafort "coordinated with a senior Israeli government official" to publicize the story, Mueller charged, seeking to convince the administration that "the Jewish community will take this out on Obama in the [2012 presidential] election if he does nothing".

Before Manafort's appearance, there was some discussion that he would plead guilty without cooperating and perhaps later receive a presidential pardon. But Manafort's guilty plea - and, one could argue, other developments like it - "underscores the seriousness of this investigation", said Senate Intelligence Committee vice chairman Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement after the deal was announced. "It is totally unrelated".

Earlier this year, Manafort derided Gates, his former business partner, for striking a deal with prosecutors that provided him leniency in exchange for testimony against his former partner.

In August, Manafort's attorneys filed a motion requesting the trial be moved from Washington to Roanoke, Virginia.

Despite his cooperation, Manafort could still face 10 years in prison on the two charges in Washington alone. The president has signaled that he's sympathetic to Manafort's cause, and in comments to Politico, Giuliani said a plea without a cooperation agreement wouldn't foreclose the possibility of a pardon.

During Manafort's Virginia trial, the president had spoken spoke warmly of him.

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Manafort had steadfastly refused to cooperate with Mueller even as the Virginia jury convicted him for hiding from USA tax authorities $16 million he earned as a political consultant in Ukraine to fund an opulent lifestyle and then lying to banks to secure $20 million in loans.

The president's former personal lawyer has separately pleaded guilty in NY. "Such respect for a courageous man!" He sat straight or leaned his chin on his right hand throughout a lengthy recital of the charges to which he pleaded guilty.

Manafort's deep ties to Ukraine's pro-Russia figures, paired with his prominent role in Trump's presidential campaign, has drawn Mueller's attention as he investigates whether USA persons coordinated with Moscow to influence the 2016 race.

"One thing that we've seen is that the Mueller team only speaks through court filings and through court presentations-trial or oral arguments", Sandick said.

Harry Sandick, a former federal prosecutor in NY, says it's uncommon for criminal information to include that level of detail. "Cooperation is supposed to be complete".

The U.S. Government used a FISA warrant to tap into some of Manafort's communications between 2014 and 2017, and some of these communications, according to CNN a year ago, raised concerns among investigators that Manafort had sought assistance for the Trump campaign from Russian Federation.

Many have long speculated that the special counsel's main aim in charging Manafort with financial and lobbying crimes was to pressure him to "flip" - so he'd agree to provide information related to their true concern of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russian Federation to interfere with the election.

Manafort admitted guilt to just two counts of conspiracy, and will resolve the two pending criminal cases against him in Washington and in Virginia federal courts. But he served as Trump's campaign chairman during the critical summer months 2016, and he attended the now-infamous meeting at Trump Tower that June with a Russian delegation offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. In addition to the financial and lobbying charges against Manafort, the special counsel's team has said it's investigating allegations he colluded with Russian Federation while working for Trump. The president has not said whether he would do so.

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