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Missouri mother stole her terminally ill daughter's painkillers for opioid addiction

Missouri mother stole her terminally ill daughter's painkillers for opioid addiction

Medical staff found bedsores on the daughter and began suspecting the daughter wasn't being given the prescribed doses of fentanyl and oxycodone, so they tested her urine.

Forty-six-year-old Carol Ballweg, of Troy, Missouri, was charged Wednesday with four counts of stealing a controlled substance and two counts of abuse of a vulnerable person.

A mother has been charged for stealing her terminally ill daughter's painkillers and taking them herself.

Police say Ballweg was the primary caregiver for her 20-year-old daughter who is in hospice care.

Carol Ballweg was charged with stealing her terminally ill daughter's medication.

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After police searched Ballweg's home on Tuesday, she admitted to having an opioid addiction and taking her daughter's oxycodone medication and using it herself, the release says.

Meanwhile, as her mom popped her pills, police said her helpless daughter developed bed sores, which can be life threatening.

They had previously made several "hotline" calls about the young woman's care - expressing concerns that Ballweg repeatedly asked for the medications to be filled earlier than required, police said.

Ballweg's bond has been set at $100,000 cash and she has been instructed not to contact the victim. Given its extreme potency it has become popular amongst recreational drug users.

Other Schedule II drugs include Vicodin, cocaine, methamphetamine, Adderall, Ritalin and oxcodone.

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