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Trump book: Key sources turn heat on Bob Woodward

Trump book: Key sources turn heat on Bob Woodward

He said, 'Come on in, ' and I stayed for a couple of hours. He described it as "the absence of a reasonable logical process".

Priebus wouldn't have any of it and said there will be a dinner in the White House.

The journalist then says how Dowd told Trump that he either do it his way or get "fitted for an orange jumpsuit".

"I think historically speaking, that would be what happens", he said. Well, we're paying for it, the United States. Yet it seems that like-minded people have joined the administration to resist Trump from within the White House.

"That's fine", Cohn said, Woodward reports.

So, why didn't Modi and Trump go to Camp David? "But in this case, it stayed inactive for a while, and then of course it became active earlier this year". The letter stated that the USA was planning to withdraw from a trade agreement with South Korea.

Journalist and author Bob Woodward stopped by "The Late Show" on Monday to discuss his new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House".

"If I did I would not have been elected president".

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Trump spent the weekend complaining about the book as well as the op-ed writer.

"He thinks that if there's a trade deficit, it is money that is being lost; 99.9 per cent of the economists know that's not the case", he said. "Just run the presses - print money".

"I know my relationships with Deutsche Bank", Trump told Dowd, with Woodward writing that the president said the bank loved him and was always paid for its loans. The objective of the meeting was for Goldman Sachs' then-president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn to brief president-elect Trump on the economy. Not a first time when Donald Trump has described PM Modi as his friend. During the lengthy interview, Colbert asked what in Woodward's research gave him the most fear?

"Let me drill down, because there's a couple things that, I mean - they leap off the page", Guthrie pressed further, pointing to statements attributed to White House chief of staff John Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

US and South Korean marines take part in military exercises in Pohang, South Korea in March 2015. I don't really - I am not happy about it. Trump fumed after the piece was published last week, saying the newspaper should turn over the author's name and calling on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate and unmask the person. And he said, 'Right.' He agreed. I like him very much.

These excerpts, of course, are not the main story in the book, the brainchild of a respected reporter who reported on the Watergate scandal.

"These are political statements to protect their jobs", Woodward said.

"Obviously, that's not known". He told me the U.S. has gotten nothing out of Afghanistan. "I just said I'd like to record this, Mr. President, when he called, and he said, 'Okay, ' so I turned on the tape recorder".

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