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'Man Of Steel' Star Henry Cavill Is Done Playing Superman

'Man Of Steel' Star Henry Cavill Is Done Playing Superman

As WB evolves the DC Universe, they could skip out on this version of Superman but bring him back in flashbacks, alternate realities, or any number of comic book-like loopholes.

The Hollywood Reporter have announced that Henry Cavill is no longer set to play Clark Kent / Superman in future DC movies for Warner Bros.

After three go-rounds, Henry Cavill is forever done with the red cape, at least according to the Hollywood Reporter's sources, though it hasn't gotten confirmation from the actor or Warner Bros. A source close to the studio said: "Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors".

Ben Affleck's return is looking increasingly unlikely as Batman, which leaves the other Justice League heroes - Aquaman, Wonder Woman Flash and Cyborg - with strong solo projects lining up but no group action.

Warner in the midst of remaking its DC Comics strategy following the fan and critical backlash to "Justice League" and "Batman v. Superman". THR reports that Cavill is no longer in the role after talks broke down for a cameo appearance in the upcoming Shazam!

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Gal Gadot portrayed the eponymous heroine in Wonder Woman, the fourth installment in the DC Universe.

Henry Cavill is Superman no more.

The studio will now shift its focus to Supergirl, Superman's cousin.

Fill out the form below and let us know what you want to see Henry Cavill do next with his career! There have been few concrete reports around plans for a Justice League sequel anytime soon. While serving as President, which is something bigger than even Superman, he is served by his long-suffering assistant Courtney and the reprogrammed alien intelligence Brainiac, as he works to protect the world with political as well as superhuman might.

A mustachioed Cavill, meanwhile, is finding better critical and commercial success in another action franchise, opposite Tom Cruise in the current Paramount smash "Mission: Impossible - Fallout".

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