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Iowa Democrats announce Cory Booker as keynote speaker for fall gala

Iowa Democrats announce Cory Booker as keynote speaker for fall gala

REUTERS/Alex WroblewskiSupreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the third day of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 6, 2018.

Fiery confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh before the Senate judiciary committee concluded this week with accusations from the left that Kavanaugh perjured himself and accusations from the right that Democrats improperly released classified information.

The hearings were routinely interrupted by protesters each day, while Democrats and Republicans on the committee fought with each other about procedure and transparency. "So consistent with judicial independence principles, I shouldn't comment on a potential case like that", the judge said.

Kavanaugh, asked during this week's hearing whether he ever suspected the material was taken from Democrats, responded, "No".

Schumer, who is a leader of Democrat's "resistance" to President Trump, is unlikely to approve a Supreme Court nominee from this president under any circumstances, but he told Catsimatidis his three criteria are excellence, moderation, and diversity - of which Kavanaugh falls short on the latter two, he said. Earlier this week, he clarified testimony from his 2004 confirmation hearing involving a controversial judge he helped shepherd through the nomination process.

Booker released confidential White House emails pertaining to Kavanaugh. Miranda said in an interview that he read them to learn about the party's strategy on judicial nominations coming before the committee.

Despite an at times chaotic hearing last week, Kavanaugh is expected to be cleared out of the Judiciary Committee, where Republicans have a majority.

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Zidane , por su parte, afirma que Marcelo , a pesar de su edad, es un jugador con mucho fútbol en sus botas y estará con él en su nuevo proyecto.

"Like many of my brothers and sisters of color, I am not comforted by deputies with handguns, let alone assault rifles", she opined, which leads one to wonder whether Miss Eastmond and her media coaches have really thought through what would happen in, say, Chicago, if we disarmed the police. He repeatedly told Democrats that the email reflected only his opinion on the views of "legal scholars", and were not necessarily a fair reflection of his own opinions. "There was never anything like that", Miranda said. And the way they're screaming and shouting and - it's a disgrace to our country, I don't know if anybody has been watching, they are making fools out of themselves. Some of those emails went so far as to warn Kavanaugh not to distribute the Democratic talking points he was being given.

The board then highlighted Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings in which he bobbed and weaved multiple questions.

He was threatened with penalties last week, including possible expulsion from the Senate for breaking rules and questioning Kavanaugh about emails the nominee had written that had not been properly released.

One of the 12-page email chains that Booker ultimately provided showed that, in 2002, Kavanaugh wrote that he "generally" favored racially neutral security measures in the long term.

Among those testifying were two representatives of the American Bar Association, the leading USA professional group for lawyers, who said a panel that rates judicial nominees gave Kavanaugh a "well qualified" rating, the highest possible.

He described a particular email marked confidential from the staff of then-Sen. He said the group would have been required to fill out a form that would "make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs" that they opposed. "If you torpedo Kavanaugh you'll likely end up with someone worse".

Much of the debate among senators focused more on the disclosure of documents than on Kavanaugh's record.

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