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Imran Khan becomes Pakistan's prime minister

Imran Khan becomes Pakistan's prime minister

ISLAMABAD: The newly elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan has announced strict accountability for those who plundered national exchequer in his first address in the National Assembly as PM.

Earlier, the stock market reversed a four-day losing streak and gained close to 500 points in anticipation of the PM's formal election, expressing confidence in Imran's promises of market reforms and economic turnaround.

Imran Khan will be sworn in on Saturday, 18th August.

"Hindustan jeevay, Pakistan jeevay (May India live, May Pakistan live)", he chanted, reading a couplet that he had written much before he had stepped on Pakistani soil.

"Imran Khan has secured 176 votes", National Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser said after the vote, broadcast live from the lower house of parliament.

Khan won the July 25 election, but did not have enough seats for an outright majority, forcing him to partner with smaller parties and independents in order to form a government.

Khan's victory represents an end to decades of rotating leadership between the PML-N, now led by Sharif's brother Shehbaz, and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), punctuated by periods of military rule.

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"Legislative business will be hard for him", said Raza Ahmad Rumi, editor of the Daily Times newspaper.

Khan, after thanking May for her call, said that he hopes to work with the British government to root out the menace of money laundering.

In the lead-up to the election, Khan was widely seen as the favoured candidate of the "powerful" military, which was accused of meddling against his rivals.

"I did not climb on any dictator's shoulders; I reached this place after struggling for 22 years".

The army and Mr Khan's party deny any collusion.

Murtaza Abbasi, a PML-N lawmaker, said in parliament Khan was "brought here by aliens", a euphemism for the military. "I got here on my own".

No Pakistani premier has ever completed a five-year term in office, including three-time premier Sharif, whose most recent stint in power was ended by the Supreme Court last year.

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