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Sony’s Marvel Universe Updates: Silver and Black Splitting into Two & More

Sony’s Marvel Universe Updates: Silver and Black Splitting into Two & More

"Spider-Man connects to a lot of the characters", said Panitch.

But a new report suggests that the highly-promoted Venom rating may not be set in stone. Concerns from high up in Sony may push the Venom rating down to PG-13.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex invited Tom, 40, and Charlotte, 36, to the wedding, and he appeared to be the talk of the star-studded guest list at the Windsor Castle.

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While Marvel Studios has its Kevin Feige, it's learned Sony doesn't have one specific executive in charge as former head of Sony, Amy Pascal, is producing Spider-Man: Far From Home and Silk; Sony executive Palak Patel played a key role in Venom and is overseeing Morbius, and Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, who were behind the Amazing Spider-Man films, are producing several of the Sony Marvel movies. The studio reportedly feels that if the film goes past PG-13, it will hinder any chances of sequels and any interacting with more family-friendly Marvel Studios characters like Spider-Man himself or any other MCU characters.

Venom recently underwent reshoots in L.A. after filming in Georgia, though it is unclear if this has anything to do with Sony's rating expectations. With only two months left before the film's release, this suggests the filmmakers are under the wire to accommodate these executives. "Sony is open to having other characters from its Spider-Man films pop up in Marvel movies that are produced under the Disney aegis, and would presumably also like to see an Avenger or two cameo in its own movies". But Marvel Studios still doesn't have all of its characters in one box, as Sony Pictures maintains the license for all things Spider-Man-related. According to Variety, Sony is crossing its fingers that Venom does well critically and financially so they can move forward with an "MCU" of their own, primarily all of the Spider-Man characters such as villains and other vigilantes for which they own the film rights.

Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed hits theaters on October 5. It's a lot riding on a simple rating, but it does suggest intriguing future plans for Venom, and possibly an early death knell for Sony's Spider-Man-less cinematic universe.

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