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Horner suspects Ricciardo's decision was linked to Max

Horner suspects Ricciardo's decision was linked to Max

Any regular listener to our podcasts - back when we actually did them - will be aware that for a couple of years, editor Balfe warned that he saw no real long-term future for Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull, and that the Australian would eventually end up in a support role to Max Verstappen much like countryman Mark Webber had endured at the Austrian team with Sebastian Vettel.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner thought Daniel Ricciardo was winding him up when the Australian told him of his decision to leave the squad for Renault.

'Daniel said he decided after a long flight to America that he decided he wanted a change, now you look at the rational reason for that and it's hard to understand. "I guess when you look at it it's felt like that". Is this a wind-up for the summer holidays?' But it then became very clear that was his choice and you have to respect that.

"I think Daniel's just decided the timing is right for him to check out and try something else". You look at the rational reasons for that, it's hard to understand, but Daniel obviously had his reasons.

"[They would have been guaranteed] absolute equal status as they have always had [at Red Bull], but I can't help but feel that was a large part of Daniel's decision making".

With Max Verstappen regarded as a favourite son at Red Bull, many Formula One insiders believe Ricciardo would have struggled to win a world championship had he stayed alongside the Dutchman at Red Bull.

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Horner added: "I could understand if it was to Ferrari or Mercedes".

"I have to admit it's kind of been like trying to convince a girl to go out with you that's been pretty reticent".

"In the end we gave Daniel everything he wanted and asked for and it still wasn't enough".

"We've bent over backwards to make it happen, but if someone's heart's not really in's felt like that". We were even prepared to do a one-year agreement so he was available to Ferrari or Mercedes should they come knocking in 12 months' time.

Red Bull have ruled out Fernando Alonso replacing Ricciardo next season.

Acknowledging Ricciardo's gamble on Renault "may prove an inspired choice or something he regrets", Horner also admitted he was caught by surprise when his driver informed him he was departing to Red Bull's engine providers.

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