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Boris Johnson faces investigation over burqa comments

Boris Johnson faces investigation over burqa comments

On Sunday, British former foreign secretary Boris Johnson remarked that Muslim women wearing the burka "look like letter boxes" and compared them to "bank robbers".

Johnson's comments were condemned by members of the opposition Labour Party, while the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) reiterated its call for an inquiry into allegations of Islamophobia within the ruling Conservative Party. "The code of conduct process is strictly confidential", he said in a statement.

In the first instance, Johnson - a leading figure of in the campaign to Leave the European Union - will be scrutinised by a party investigator.

He said: "Maybe there would be an investigation if Donald Trump said that".

"It may make good journalism, but it doesn't make a good member of parliament or a good minister". It's not the job of the Prime Minister to tell backbenchers what to do.

Critics have accused him of stoking Islamophobia to boost his Tory leadership ambitions but his supporters have said he was speaking up for "liberal values".

Pakistani actor Armeena Khan called out former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson over his derogatory comments against women who wear the burqa.

In response to Johnson's remarks, the Muslim Council of Britain said that Johnson was "pandering to the far right" with his remarks.

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And there was no immediate comment on the news that he faces investigation.

Shortly after the publication of his article on Monday, a source close to Mr Johnson said that it was "ridiculous" that his views should be under attack.

He may also be referred to an internal Conservative party disciplinary panel.

Under party rules, the head of the investigation may dismiss complaints that are obviously trivial or lacking in merit and those which can not fairly be investigated.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson backed calls for an apology today, calling Mr Johnson's column "gratuitously offensive".

The complaints will be looked at by an independent panel. By a narrow margin of 48 per cent to 45 per cent they thought he did not need to say sorry for his comments. "Or perhaps her deliberate attempt to sabotage the Brexit negotiations".

As the row raged, the former Attorney General Dominic Grieve said: "If he were to become leader of the party, I for one wouldn't be in it".

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