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Soaring temperatures across Europe as heatwave continues

Soaring temperatures across Europe as heatwave continues

Forecasters say in some parts of Europe, the heat can continue to grow, breaking national records and even 41-year-old European record.

Summer temperatures close to 40C (104F) are not unusual in southern parts of the Iberian peninsula.

Eight places in the centre, south and east of Portugal have broken their local temperature records amid a heatwave, the country's weather agency says. Spain's all-time record of 46.9 degrees was set in Cordoba in July 2017.

Spain's current record high is 47.3°C (117.14°F) and Portugal can boast a slightly-higher highest temperature, at 47.4°C.

Hot air from Africa is bringing a new heatwave to Europe, prompting health warnings about Sahara Desert dust and exceptionally high temperatures that are forecast to peak at 47 degrees Celsius (116.6 Fahrenheit) in some southern areas. It also played a part in the deaths of two men, one in Barcelona and the other in the southern Spanish region of Murcia, according to Spanish authorities.

The fires have since died down and firefighters from France, Germany and Portugal left Monday, at the same time as residents from a small town near the Arctic Circle who had been evacuated because of the wildfires were allowed to return home.

Italy has also issued red alerts across its centre and north, which includes the tourist hotspots of Rome, Florence and Venice.

Though the region has avoided the worst of the heat, the fire has been spreading through eucalyptus forest and dense undergrowth, the Civil Protection Agency says.

The hot, dry conditions have led to several wildfires in Portugal.

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"Oh it's awful", said tourist Paul Snell.

Lisbon's temperature reached 43 degrees Celsius.

People cool off in an urban beach at Madrid Rio park in Madrid, Friday, Aug. 3, 2018.

Britain's long, hot summer has taken its toll on the country's flowers.

The small Budakeszi game reserve outside the Hungarian capital Budapest said it was helping its animals cope with the heat with iced fruit and a diet with less meat and more nutrients.

In Scandinavia, temperatures hit records until a few days ago.

Summer has bounced back in the United Kingdom after a brief spell of thunderstorms, torrential rain and powerful winds triggered severe weather warnings and wreaked havoc last weekend.

The global picture: The latest heat wave comes in the wake of the hottest-ever day on the Korean Peninsula, hottest July in Finland, the hottest-ever month at any location in the U.S.

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