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Smoking ban in NYCHA starts, violators could lose apartments

Smoking ban in NYCHA starts, violators could lose apartments

In South Dakota, nearly 3000 people live in public housing, but the rule is nothing new in KOTA Territory. "But I need to know, what are they putting in place for the smokers?"

Montgomery said smoke can travel through vents and other openings in apartment-style public housing and could impact the health of other residents.

Residents of public housing across the US have filed lawsuits fighting the ban, claiming the ban is arbitrary and is an abuse of HUD's discretion.

Some of the biggest problems people have with the ban is that it attempts to legislate what they can do in their own home.

The same source said tenants have been brought into housing offices to sign an addendum on their leases, stipulating they will follow HUD's latest policy. He thinks it's unfair.

Mayeaux says the majority of the community is on board. "I feel like so many people have been smoking in their houses for so long, to now you're just putting a stop to it and trying to either punish or give you a outcome, people don't take well to that at all".

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The Muskegon Housing Commission is encouraging its tenants to kick the habit. That's something tenants have told us they're anxious about.

There's a four strike system for violating the rule, which ends with an eviction. "They have more things to fix than telling somebody they can't smoke", Robinson said.

This rule does not apply to those with Section 8 housing.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Living has over 3,100 housing authorities across the country and the smoking ban affects every single one of them.

"When you share a wall with someone, whatever is going on in your apartment is going to go next door", said Flowers Court Apartments manager Erica Bobo.

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