Publicado: Mar, Julio 31, 2018
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Giuliani: Trump, Cohen legal teams sever ties

Giuliani: Trump, Cohen legal teams sever ties

Rudy Giuliani, a leading attorney for President Donald Trump, told Fox News on Saturday that two experts and retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have examined the tape Michael Cohen secretly recorded of Trump in 2016 and concluded it has been tampered with.

Giuliani said his shift stemmed from the revelation that Cohen had been "surreptitiously recording his clients" - referring to the tape of Cohen and Trump discussing a payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who's alleged she had a long-running affair with Trump before he became president.

The president, his son, his lawyers and other administration officials have repeatedly said Trump did not know about the meeting until news of it broke in July 2017.

The President also attacked Cohen, claiming he is "trying to make up stories" because of his legal trouble.

However, Costello noted that "on the flip side, this is the kind of information, which is consistent with those who have been critical of the president and who have raised concerns about the Mueller investigation and Russian interference and this issue of collusion, which the president continues to deny, but which this kind of information, as it drips out, would clearly contradict", Costello said. The President's attorney dropped the bombshell during an interview on CBS this Sunday.

Giuliani said the president is "disappointed" over Cohen's secret recordings, but said that they clear him from any suspicion of wrongdoing.

Saturday, Mr. Giuliani warned Michael Cohen about violating attorney-client privilege before his lawyer provided CNN with a private recording between the pair last week.

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If you don't think Cohen is a reliable narrator, check out this clip from June 2016 which strongly suggests that Trump knew that some dirt on Hillary was coming.

"There are 12 others - maybe 11 or 12 others - out of the 183 in which the president is discussed at any length by Cohen, mostly with reporters", Giuliani said.

In response, a source close to Cohen mocked Giuliani, saying, "You mean Rudy is floating reckless, fact-free, false, wild speculation as if he were unhinged?"

The US president has denied the affair and earlier claimed he had no knowledge of the payment. Giuliani declared that the tapes prove that his client's tweets about his relationship with Cohen were factual.

The former NY mayor's criticisms of Cohen come just a few months after he called him "an honest, honorable lawyer" in a separate ABC News interview.

McDougal sold her story to The National Enquirer for $150,000, but the tabloid, which was friendly to Trump during his campaign, held back the story in a "catch and kill" move that silenced her and her claims.

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