Publicado: Jue, Julio 19, 2018
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Get 2 Portillo's hot dogs for only $5 this week

Get 2 Portillo's hot dogs for only $5 this week

Love's Travel Stops: Love's Travel Stops (Love's) is partnering with Schwab Meat give Customers free hot dogs in celebration of the day Wednesday, July 18.

Love's customers who aren't hot dog fans can redeem the coupon for roller grill items like Tornados, egg rolls, Roller Bites, and possibly limited release items like the Ghost Pepper Cheeseburger Sausage, and Chorizo con Queso Sausage.

You'll have to settle for hot dog's cousin - corn dog - at Sonic, but, hey, for 99 cents you can't complain.

The hot dog is one of the most iconic summer foods of all time.

Will you be daring enough to try the grand slam of all hot dogs on National Hot Dog Day?

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JJ's Red Hots- Their All America hot dogs are on sale for $2. If you're not a loyalty member, just download the My Hwy 55 app to enjoy the deal!

No matter how you enjoy your hot dog, today is the flawless day to do it.

Those in Bethesda can grab a free dog by simply downloading the Dog Haus app.

As an added bonus for Chicagoland residents, a Portillo's Hot Dog mascot will be popping up at locations throughout the city on Wednesday, July 18.

Wienerschnitzel: Get five Original Chili Dogs for $5 at participating locations Wednesday.

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