Publicado: Mar, Julio 17, 2018
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Trump advised May to quit negotiating and "sue the EU"

Trump advised May to quit negotiating and

Asked if she could trust anything Mr Trump says, the Prime Minister said: "I sit down with the President of the United States of America and we come to agreements and put those into place". Asked in a BBC interview Sunday what that was, May responded with an amused expression: "He told me I should sue the EU".

She quickly followed with a laugh: "Actually we're going into negotiations with them".

She said Mr Trump had said: 'Don't walk away from the negotiations - then you're stuck'. Don't walk away from the negotiations.

During a joint news conference with Ms May, Mr Trump said he had "a lot of respect for the Prime Minister". He also said he thought she was heading down a path that veered away the British public's vote to leave the European Union during the 2016 referendum.

Trump, who is spending the last day of a four-day visit to Britain at his luxury Turnberry golf resort in southwest Scotland ahead of a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Sunday, also revealed details of his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, saying she thought Brexit was a "very complex problem". The White Paper document draws on the idea of a common rulebook, which would involve a free trade area for goods with the European Union while having more flexibility on service industries.

Donald Trump told the Sun newspaper Mrs May's proposals would "probably kill" a trade deal with his country.

Trump auguró una "relación extraordinaria" con Putin
Estados Unidos , por su parte, encabeza una ofensiva contra el EI en Siria y teme que Irán amplíe su influencia en la región. En Ucrania luchan desde 2014 separatistas prorrusos apoyados por Moscú contra soldados leales al Gobierno ucraniano.

Trump lavished praise on British exports in the interview, describing them as "fantastic" as he waxed optimistic that the two countries could find common ground on trade.

"I wanted to make it very clear that, when Trump came to the country, that we don't agree with his policies", said Kimberley, 35, at the protests in central London.

May warned the party over the weekend that there could be "no Brexit at all" if they put her plans to leave the bloc in jeopardy. Mrs May, he contended, was "a Remainer who remains a Remainer". He was reported saying in the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday, "She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so attractive, when I say lovely - inside and out. If we don't, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all", she wrote in the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Her comments will most likely be seen as pushing back against Trump, who had criticized her for ignoring his suggestion and whose interview in The Sun embarrassed the prime minister just as she was rolling out the red carpet for his working visit to England, one that she had hoped would showcase the strength of trans-Atlantic ties.

Trump also continued his public criticisms of the European Union, calling it a "foe" in a CBS interview.

Brexiteer rebels are unlikely to have enough support in parliament to win a vote, but the debate will show how many in May's party are prepared to vote against her at a time when some are looking to gather the numbers needed to challenge her leadership.

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