Publicado: Mar, Julio 17, 2018
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Roku Wireless Speakers Add Sonic Oomph to Roku TVs

Roku Wireless Speakers Add Sonic Oomph to Roku TVs

Adding a new dimension, exceptional depth and stereo separation to movies, TV and music, Roku TV Wireless Speakers are meticulously engineered and calibrated to deliver powerful, premium audio to Roku TVs.

A bundle that offers two wireless speakers, a Roku TV voice remote, and a Roku Touch tabletop remote - which supports voice commands and comes with programmable buttons - is available to pre-order from today. They're black and fairly nondescript, save for a Roku logo up top. The speakers will also come with a new remote for your Roku TV that will control the TV and the speakers from a single remote. So, any TV powered by the Roku operating system will benefit from the enhanced audio provided by the bundle.

The new "wireless" speakers require a single cord for power, and connect to Roku Smart TVs (and only to Roku Smart TVs) via WiFi, meaning they can be plugged in across the room from one another for a stereo sound experience. You can also pair your phone to stream music to the speakers through Bluetooth.

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The speakers use technology from Dynastrom, the Danish multiroom-audio startup Roku acquired last fall for $3.5 million, as first reported by Variety. Other smart speakers that are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant can control smart TVs and sound systems, but they're also always listening for other questions-and not all users are comfortable having an all-purpose, always-listening AI entity in their homes. We haven't had the chance to hear Roku's new speakers in action, so we can not comment on quality yet, but the proper balance of audio quality and price will be key to the success of Roku's Wireless Speakers. They're meant to disappear beside your TV, not stand out. You can also control the audio levels for the speakers, though, again, I didn't get to see this in person.

Ultimately, the lock-in is a bit concerning. Now the commercials will sound the same as your TV show.

What he doesn't say, at least not very clearly, is that the Roku TV Wireless Speakers only work with Roku TV-branded smart TVs that are sold by a handful of hardware makers. Roku says it won't be available in retail stores like previous products have been in order to avoid any confusion about the products and services the speakers work with.

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