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North Korea Announces Plan to Dismantle Nuclear Site

North Korea Announces Plan to Dismantle Nuclear Site

This would be the first time for North Korea to allow foreign media to visit the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in nation's northeast.

It was only eight months ago that Kim Jong-un was admiring his latest nuke.

The dismantling is expected to take place between May 23-25, the North Korean foreign ministry said.

It added that North Korean media and reporters from South Korea, China, Russia, the USA and United Kingdom will be allowed to attend the dismantlement ceremony.

The test tunnels will be blown up, blocking their entry points, while observation facilities and research institutes will be removed along with guards and researchers, the statement said. From there, journalists will board a charter train to the test site.

US President Donald Trump today thanked North Korea after it pledged to destroy its nuclear test site ahead of a summit meeting between the two country's leaders.

Trump is expected to push North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons at the meeting in exchange for the removal of economic sanctions and USA assistance in rebuilding Pyongyang's ailing economy.

In November, North Korea boasted that it had developed a missile capable of striking the whole United States mainland.

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Sin que nadie lo mencionara, se hizo inevitable la comparación con la famosa escena del motorhome de fines de 2015, en la que Ardohain declaró haber encontrado infraganti a Benjamín Vicuña con la China Suárez mientras aún eran pareja.

Pyongyang's pledge may open the way in which for airways to route flights by means of North Korean airspace.

Currently, the North Korean authorities are conducting technical preparations for the closure of the landfill, Pungere.

Six nuclear tests have been carried out there since 2006. Two of the North Korean missiles passed over the Japanese island of Hokkaido. "Is he rational"? Yes, we had good conversations, substantive conversations, conversations that involve deep, complex problems, challenges the strategic decision that Chairman Kim has before him about how it is he wishes to proceed and if he is prepared in exchange for the assurances that we're ready to provide to him if he is prepared to fully denuclearise.

Pompeo had met previously with Kim while Central Intelligence Agency director, flying secretly to North Korea over the Easter weekend to discuss the possibility of a summit meeting with Trump and negotiations over North Korea's nuclear program.

Talking Friday, Pompeo mentioned any settlement with North Korea must embrace a "sturdy verification program" to make sure that Pyongyang complies. He added that the Trump administration was focused on making sure "we didn't end up where we were before" in the talks with North Korea.

Washington is seeking the "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation" of the North.

On Thursday, it was confirmed that Mr Kim would finally hold a highly teased meeting with President Donald Trump in Singapore on 12 June.

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