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Pakistan and US Restrict Diplomats' Travel, Adding New Strain on Ties

Pakistan and US Restrict Diplomats' Travel, Adding New Strain on Ties

As United States prepares to impose strict limitations on the travel of Pakistani diplomats in two days, the country is all set to appoint a new Washington ambassador.

Terminating the special treatment for U.S. diplomats, the Ministry said that they would no longer be allowed to use tinted glass on official vehicles, non-diplomatic number plates on official vehicles, and diplomatic number plates on rented vehicles.

Additionally, non-diplomatic number plates given to hide diplomatic status for protection will also be taken back, it added. The decision will be implemented today (Friday), after negotiations by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs managed to delay the restrictions from the earlier May 1 date.

The U.S. government had notified Pakistani authorities that diplomats at its Washington embassy and consulates will be barred from traveling more than 40 kilometers from their posts without prior permission.

Pakistan had earlier attacked the United States saying that the top militant leaders are residing inside Afghanistan under the full view of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the USA troops.

This comes after Trump's administration turned around Islamabad's request to put the name of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar leader Umer Khalid Khurasani aka Abdul Wali on the UNSC sanctions committee's list.

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Congressman Norcross said that Pakistan and India both faced the same security challenges, which also concerned the United States.

Pakistan has also decided that from May 11, restrictions will be imposed on all American diplomats and their movements.

Pakistan and the United States had announced restrictions on diplomats after a USA embassy vehicle driven by Colonel Joseph Emanual Hall, defense and air attache of the US embassy in Islamabad, killed a Pakistani motorcyclist in Islamabad on April 7.

Rules governing interaction between foreign diplomats and Pakistani officials, which were already communicated to the embassy, would also take effect, the notification said.

Both developments come amid increasing tensions between the United States and Pakistan, which were once close allies in the 'war against terrorism'.

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