Publicado: Vie, May 11, 2018
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OH auditor says prosecutors should investigate now closed online charter school

OH auditor says prosecutors should investigate now closed online charter school

Republican Auditor Dave Yost questioned the department's role while releasing an audit Thursday that found ECOT inflated the amount of time students spent learning by failing to deduct the time students were inactive online.

Yost's investigation concluded that ECOT officials used Altair Learning Management, the school's management company, IQ Innovations, the school's software provider, and Third Wave Communications, the school's video production company, in an attempt to hide the source of payment for attack ads last summer aimed at the state's education department. Yost has referred his findings to prosecutors.

The Ohio Department of Education found in 2016 that the online charter school could not verify all of its 15,300 enrolled students actually participated in classes. The state sought to recoup almost $80 million that had gone to the school to educate those students.

State auditors also discovered that ECOT provided no proof to show students engaged in learning during the time it claimed for payment.

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"By withholding information, ECOT misled state regulators at the Department of Education, and ECOT was paid based on that information", Yost says.

Yost also is ordering three for-profit companies owned by ECOT founder Bill Lager or his daughter to repay the school almost $250,000 for improperly spending taxpayer money on political attack ads.

A message was left with an attorney representing ECOT.

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