Publicado: Mier, Abril 18, 2018
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Starbucks to close thousands of stores for day of 'racial-bias' training

Starbucks to close thousands of stores for day of 'racial-bias' training

Starbucks announced on Tuesday that it would close more than 8,000 U.S. stores for the afternoon on May 29 to train employees on racial bias. The spokeswoman, Jamie Riley, did not provide any additional details.

Johnson even went as far as saying he hoped to meet the two men in person to offer a "face-to-face apology".

"What happened in that incident and the outcome, is nothing but reprehensible and I'm sorry", Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Kevin Johnson said in a statement.

"Creating an environment that is both safe and welcoming for everyone is paramount for every store", Johnson said in a previous statement. When they refused to leave, the store manager called the police.

The announcement comes amid uproar over the arrests of two black men last week at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Now the company and police are on the defensive.

As a protest outside a Starbucks at the typically tranquil corner of 18th and Spruce Streets wound to a close Monday morning, a woman poured a cup of (non-Starbucks) coffee out onto the sidewalk. In the clips released on Tuesday, the initial call to police can be heard, which is followed by calls for additional backup and a supervisor to be dispatched to the scene. Others chanted, "Anti-blackness anywhere is anti-blackness everywhere".

Law enforcement agencies and companies have adopted bias training, but programs can vary.

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"We demand an investment in Black owned franchises, in African American communities, and not just Magic Johnson's in Los Angeles, but all throughout the United States", Tyler said.

Commissioner Richard Ross said the men asked to used the restroom at the cafe but were denied because they didn't buy anything, which he said is company policy.

'Before you made a purchase they let you use the restroom, right?' Mr Ward asked. Yaffe asked on a video.

Attorney Lauren Wimmer told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the men, who she did not identify, were commercial real estate professionals and were meeting with the another man to discuss business. "Does anybody else think this is ridiculous?"

"Two young black men, who were simply waiting to be joined by a friend, were blatantly discriminated against based on their race".

The two men were arrested by police, but were later released because of lack of evidence a crime had be committed. No charges were filed.

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