Publicado: Mier, Abril 18, 2018
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SpaceX's Big Interplanetary Rocket Will Be Built In Los Angeles

SpaceX's Big Interplanetary Rocket Will Be Built In Los Angeles

Elon Musk (Elon Musk) has continued to invent unusual things to draw attention to their launch.

As SpaceX attempts to do with most of its Falcon 9 rockets, eight minutes after the launch, it will attempt to land the rocket's first stage on a ship offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

The SpaceX founder dropped a thread onto Twitter Sunday night that started with the simultaneously exciting and portentous phrase "This is gonna sound insane, but..."

Koenigsmann fielded a question asking if SpaceX would try to purposefully de-orbit the second stage of the rocket used for the TESS launch.

Boringcompany was founded in 2016, after Elon Musk mentioned the idea of making tunnels on his Twitter account.

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Calling the equipment to allow the rocket upper stage's re-entry a giant party balloon might paint a picture of a huge plastic cartoon character filled with helium, but it's a more sophisticated system.

The plan is expected to get approval from the L.A. Board of Harbor Commissioners Thursday, and SpaceX has already moved in some hardware, including a tooling for making carbon-fiber composites for the rocket's upper stage.

The Boring Company is building a network of low-priced tunnels for the Hyperloop transportation system, a theoretical idea made famous by Musk to launch pods through low-pressure tubes at more than 600 miles per hour, allowing for possibilities like a 30-minute trip from NY to Washington, DC. In order to retrieve an object that is returning to Earth without it being blasted to bits, it would have to be moving much slower than that.

The funding comes about five months after Musk said the Boring Company would compete to fund, build and operate a "loop" to connect downtown Chicago with O'Hare Airport.

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